A guide to understanding the Tiny homes movement

I’m truly fascinated by the tiny homes movement. What is not to love about a micro doll-sized house?

As someone who recently moved into a new apartment that is ultra tiny I am now having to throw away half of my belongings just to get in the front door. It’s a challenge, but I like a challenge and I like minimalist.

The predominant motivation for real tiny houses is the massive reduction in living costs (mine is city centre so no reduction for me). And the fast track for FIRE followers to build their investments.

I did see a spoof documentary about tiny houses a few days ago that made me chuckle. The toilet doubled as a workspace desk and it ended with the couple having serious disagreements. Can you imagine living in a space not much bigger than a toilet cubicle with another person? You would have to have serious ground rules.

Anyway, when this Tiny Homes infographic from Calculator.me landed on my digital desk I was very pleased to see something that was truly interesting – it’s the first good submission I’ve had in a while.

Design 3/5 the graphic is broken up into clear sections and leads you on a journey through the page. It does have substantial text so is more of a guide then a classic infographic, but there is a lot going on here.

Typography 3/5 a strong banner that tells you exactly what to expect and then clear sections with subheadings and legible text.

Illustration 4/5 the graphic has plenty of illustration at key points and the use of icon helps to visually tell the story.

Content 4.5/5 there is a lot of information being delivered in this guide and it comprehensively covers tiny homes.

Overall 3.6/5 an in-depth guide packed with information about a topical subject.

4 years ago