How To Create Beautiful Calligraphy

The practice of calligraphy isn’t a new phenomenon; it actually has a long history stretching back for centuries. There are many different calligraphy and typography styles, each one turning the written word into a unique work of art. A modern definition of calligraphic practice is “the art of giving form to signs in an expressive, harmonious, and skillful manner” – well, here at we like to think of ourselves as print and design geeks, so we were keen to explore the world of calligraphy!

Many cultures in history have developed their own style of calligraphic writing – from beautiful Islamic teachings to intricate Latin texts. Although calligraphy was originally used as a form of written communication, it has since developed into a unique modern art form. The beautiful, archaic writing style is now commonly used on wedding invitations and company logos.

Making your own custom calligraphy is a fun and rewarding pastime, requiring both a steady hand and much concentration. From the required tools to writing techniques, this infographic from is an easy-to-follow guide to creating your own beautiful calligraphy. We take you through how to draw your baseline accurately (crucial to any well-formed calligraphy!), you’ll get to know your ascender line from your descender line, and give you the tools to produce your own brand of stunning lettering. Original here…

How to create beautiful calligraphy

8 years ago