Is Your Business Protected Against Cyber Attacks?

In light of the worldwide cyber attack from the Wanna Cry virus a few weeks ago this is a timely piece of content. And, after the NHS went into meltdown for a few days I can imagine businesses are scrambling to ensure that they don’t fall victim to the next attack.

I remember when Cyber Crime was something ‘exotic’ on a film like Hackers but in today’s world, Cyber Crime is one the world’s most real everyday threats.

Data has fast become the new age commodity, with companies like Facebook and Google trading on these vast amounts of data they hold. Banks and insurance companies have their security challenges to protect their customers and consider the personal damage that the data breach at Ashley Madison did for so many couples.

Any cyber criminals knowing the value of this data are becoming ever vigilant in their attacks.

Is Your Business Protected Against Cyber Attacks? infographic is a well presented graphic representation of the current state of cyber attacks with a collection of statistics.

Design overall – 8.5
A strong design that well represents the topic. The ominous overtone of the dark background and the use of the Guido mask create an atmosphere fitting to support the statistics of the subject.

The data is clearly presented with good use of space to highlight the stats and keep the eye flowing down the page.

Colour use is strong, the dark background is punctuated with accents of bright colour that suggest a digital space.

Typography – 8.5
Type use has a strong hierarchy and a typeface that is representative of ‘digital’. All information is visually very easy to consume quickly with good spacing.

Illustration – 8.5
the linear icons support the data without detracting or being overpowering.

Content – 8.5
The collection of statistics are interesting and relvant to the subject.

Overall score – 8.5
This is a strong infographic, visually pleasing, well presented and with informative and interesting content. I’m pleased to offer an 8.5 out of 10, one of our high scores.

See the full graphic here…

Is Your Business Protected Against Cyber Attacks? infographic

2 years ago