Psychological Effects of a Burglary

A friend of mine had their house broken in to, they took all the usual easy to resell CD, DVD, Playstation, etc. He arranged with his insurance and they replaced everything. When all his new goods arrived, which took around six weeks, he was hit again and they took all the new insurance replacement goods. The stuff wasn’t even out of the boxes. Apparently this is quite common and house thieves know that victims will replace goods and go back to help themselves for a second time.

As far as the Police are concerned a burglary is such a common and low level crime that they do very little about it. In fact a Police chief has recently gone on record to say that victims of crime should not bother to report a burglary to the Police, and if a window has been left open they won’t investigate. Pretty much an open invitation for petty thieves.

Although it is considered a low level crime it can have huge emotional implications for the resident who is left feeling unsafe in the house after the event. I know another person who had their house broken into whilst they slept upstairs, after the event they had to move house as they couldn’t sleep in the house again.

The Psychological Effects of a Burglary infographic highlights what the emotional price of a break in has. Something that people don’t really consider, choosing to focus on a monetary value.

In fact 60% of victims surveyed stated that they were emotionally affected by the crime.

This is a short and snappy infographic but has a powerful message – always a good basis for a piece of content.

The design has good use of iconography and graphic illustration. I do prefer more minimalist pieces as it helps you to focus on the information.

The grey colour palette is a good representation of the grim mood of the subject and the splashes of red signify the danger and emotion.

An on topic piece of content for Verisure Smart Alarms and I would offer a 7.5 out of 10.

Psychological Effects of a Burglary infographic

4 years ago