Would You Pass Your Driving Test Around the World

When I was a teenager I couldn’t wait to take my driving test. Driving = freedom. And, freedom is very important to me. Living in the UK, I had to wait until I was 17 and bear the frustration that if I had been born in America, some states allowed driving from age 14. Eugh. Around the world more countries have a driving age of 18, so, on balance, I didn’t fare too badly.

The driving test is a right of passage growing up and I used to listen incredulous to stories from my Grandad about the days when you didn’t have to take a test. A person could drive agricultural vehicles and then automatically apply for a license. Imagine – no test! But once-upon-a-time you didn’t have to wear seat belts and you could talk on a mobile phone.

Would You Pass Your Driving Test Around the World infographic is a fun piece of content from the Foray Motor Group, aimed directly at their demographic. It covers driving test requirements from several countries and offers quirks and facts about the tests per country:

In Mexico you don’t have to take a test. In South Africa and India money talks to assist in gaining your test pass automatically. In Saudi Arabia women are not allowed to hold a driving permit and Denmark has a rule of a first aid theory course.

The banner graphic features a strong globe based illustration relevant to the subject. One of my favourite design elements for leading the eye down the page – use of a line that takes the eye through the page, has been achieved by using an illustration of a road that weaves through the information in the page and neatly breaks up each section.

Typography is strong with clear visual hierachy and all information is delivered in easy to read bite size chunks. The added flourish of a ‘test difficulty barometer’ offers a visual cue to assess each country at-a-glance and offers a nice touch.

The illustration standard is high and the graphic is not overly cluttered and leaves enough space to not be overwhelmed by information.

This is a great piece of content that is visually inviting and entices you to read as it taps into a general interest bracket of information.

Overall, Would You Pass Your Driving Test Around the World infographic gets a 9 out of 10.

Would You Pass Your Driving Test Around the World infographic

7 years ago