10 Best Big Cities for Small Business

I’ve just been reading the Steve Job’s autobiography and it’s a fascinating insight into the start of the personal computer industry and how Jobs was fortunate to grow up at the right time in the right place, in Silicon Valley as the computer was developed.

The book is a highly recommended read if you have an interest not only in tech but also for the business story. Jobs was a marketing genius, he knew how to create desirable products and a brand that people would be loyal to. I have found it very inspiring.

Being in the right place can impact greatly on business success – for example, it’s not going to be easy opening a Surf Shack in the Midwest!

The 10 Best Big Cities for Small Business infographic from Credibly shows where the most fertile ground is in the US for entrepreneurs and small business owners. Having taken data from the United States Census and the US Small businesses Administration it has calculated a score to reflect the friendliness of each city towards small businesses.

Design overall – 8
I love the crisp clean design of this graphic. A muted colour palette of grey scale punctuated with accents of orange and teal and lots of white space. Elegantly designed and very easy to pull out the information as you scroll.

Typography – 8
Strong and clear typography with each section clearly marked and key stats suitably highlighted.

Illustration – 8
No illustration but that does not detract from the graphic strength and simplicity of the design. This infographic doesn’t need illustration and all the graphics are well executed.

Content – 8
Content is relevant to the publisher’s audience and of interest with key information and stats about each location.

Overall score – 8
A strong infographic on a relevant subject for Credibly readers, a great piece of content.

The 10 Best Big Cities for Small Business infographic

4 years ago