What happens in the one hour after…

We don’t usually post anything sex related on this site, but I was intrigued by this post that describes post-glow physiology. It’s actually quite interesting.

There is no doubt that orgasms are the ultimate stimulation for procreation as they feel so good with the effect lingering for some time after.

This is down to the hit of dopamine which is not dissimilar to the high of class A drugs. Females get even more with a hit of oxytocin for a feeling of euphoria and men have a release of prolactin which creates feelings of satisfaction and satiation.

After 10 minutes you might experience a dip of post sex blues as the chemicals start to wear off.

The hormonal system of the human body is astounding and the way nature has developed to support our lives is of great fascination.

This infographic from BedBible tells you everything you ever needed to know what happens in your body after orgasm.

Design 2.5 out of 5
This graphic is plain text-based without illustration, but it does follow a clear path leading you down the page.

Illustration 1 out of 5
The infographic uses icons for each section of text to clearly illustrate.

Typography 4 out of 5
All typography is clear and easy to read and the hierarchy on each section is clear.

Content 4 out of 5
The content is interesting and appears to be well-researched.

Overall 3 out of 5

An infographic that clearly conveys interesting information about the human body.

3 years ago