Car Cost Comparison: Electric vs Gas

I’m a petrol head. Quite a bold statement to make in 2021. I’ve always loved cars and loved driving.

The advent of electric cars is changing the driving landscape and I think in my lifetime everyone will be driving semi-automated cars. Or, they will have their car driving and speeds tracked and capped.

Elon Musk and Tesla have probably done more for the positive image of the electric car than any other brand. If the future looks like Tesla then bring it on.

Electric cars are more of an investment to purchase outright and insurance is more expensive for electric cars. Being an early adopter of Ev comes at a cost.

However, as technology improves then the costs will improve. And in a few years time, the choice for gas powered cars could well be taken away.

This infographic by Wallet Genuis is a great overview of the cost comparison between gas and electric cars. The long form article is also worth reading: Electric Car vs Gas Costs: Which Truly Saves You The Most Money?

Design 3 out of 5
The graphic design reflects the subject using a road based layout. The information is very clear and visually it works.

Illustration 2.5 out of 5
The infographic is very graphic in rendering without any unnecessary illustration.

Typography 3 out of 5
All typography is clear and easy to read. The headline could use a more visually appealing font but overall, the information is delivered efficiently and effectively.

Content 4 out of 5
The content is useful and well researched.

Overall 3 out of 5
This infographic has some real value and as an at-a-glance graphic is highly effective to deliver the message. Overall good job.

3 years ago