Rebels, Rulers and Magicians, Oh my! A guide to character archetypes infographic

A Guide to Character Archetypes

The term ‘storytelling’ is a huge current trend in online marketing. A brand can be perceived as authentic (another huge…

6 years ago
the pyschology of hand writing

The Psychology of Handwriting

They say that handwriting can speak volumes about who we are and what we are like. It makes me wonder…

9 years ago
How to create beautiful calligraphy

How To Create Beautiful Calligraphy

The practice of calligraphy isn’t a new phenomenon; it actually has a long history stretching back for centuries. There are…

10 years ago
web design industry analysis

Web Design Industry Analysis

Until recently, the market offered only two kinds of solutions. B2B solutions for developers who create advanced websites in a…

10 years ago
The Origins of Common UI Symbols

Origins of Common UI Symbols

Of course if you are – worlds number 1 showcase of infographics then whatever you produce would have to…

10 years ago

A Visual History of Cooper Black

Source: You might not know it, but you’ve seen Cooper Black. On the shop-front, in naughty magazines, album covers…

11 years ago