A Guide to Character Archetypes

The term ‘storytelling’ is a huge current trend in online marketing. A brand can be perceived as authentic (another huge buzzword) if they are honest and transparent about their business and their motives by ‘lifting the skirt’ and showing the world what they are made of.

Traditionally, storytelling has been the exclusivity of the writer and marketers are borrowing their traditional storytelling techniques to enable them to craft better copy for their clients.

Archetypes are a fundamental feature of a story and every narrative has them. Carl Jung defined 12 primary archetypes that are timeless representations of humanity and therefore find their way into all storytelling.

Rebels, Rulers and Magicians, Oh my! A guide to character archetypes infographic from Point Park University highlights the 12 archetype. With a focus on screenwriting the content offers a breakdown of each archetype with their motto, goals, strengths and weaknesses.

Design overall – 9
The design has a strong header that gets attention and delivers the title immediately. Each individual archetype is designed in the style of a movie poster to reflect the reference to screenwriting. A lot of consideration and effort has been poured into each of these ‘posters’.

Typography – 8.5
The typography represents the movie posters and again has much thought and consideration to express the meaning of each archetype. All the content is clear and easy to read.

Illustration – 8.5
The majority of this infographic is based on illustration and the standard is high enough to support the piece successfully.

Content – 8
An interesting representation of the archetypes with the characteristics distilled and presented in an engaging manner.

Overall score – 8.5
A high score for a pleasing infographic that offers thought and consideration into how the information has been presented to represent its theme.

Rebels, Rulers and Magicians, Oh my! A guide to character archetypes infographic

6 years ago