Analyzing the Health Risks of Vaping

I’m going to throw this out there – since vaping started I predicted that they would be found to be harmful to health and eventually banned.

I have a personal dislike of smoking and didn’t see the move to vaping as a positive step.

Inhaling any type of smoke or a vapour into the lungs is going to have an effect as the lungs are designed to react to any foreign substance.

And for what reason does anyone want to suck a watermelon based vapour into their lungs? Seriously, why?

So finally, the health risks are surfacing and hopefully the move towards banning vaping has begun.

Analyzing the health risks of vaping from comprehensively tackles the vaping epidemic and offers a lengthy graphic full of stats and information.

Design 3.5/5
The design is crisp and well illustrated with a good ratio of text to image and icon so that you can plenty of information but also keep it visual.

Typography 3.5/5
Very good use of type hierarchy with clear subtitles and sections.

Illustration 3.5/5
Crisp and clear illustration that complements the subject.

Content 5/5
This is one of the best infographics that I have seen in a while that comprehensively covers a subject and offers a walk through so that you come away fully informed. Plenty of statistics and information.

Overall 3.875/5
Impressive infographic that offers considerable information.

4 years ago