Beginner’s Guide To Memorable Marketing

One of the best TV adverts I can recall from the early 90s was Creature Comforts by Nick Park. You know, the creator of Wallace and Grommit. He did a staggering cute set of animals dubbed with real people voices from Vox Pop interviews and produced a short film called Creature Comforts. The plastercine animated cartoon were easily recognisable and unforgettable. I even remember the tortoise and his ‘turn on and offable’ phrase whilst he twiddled his little cute green hands. Adorable. All the ingredients for a perfect marketing campaign? nearly 25 years later I can still remember the ads. Problem is, upon brand recall most people thought that the ads were for British Gas. They were in fact for the Electricity Board. Big, fat, fail.

The Beginner’s Guide To Memorable Marketing infographic from is aimed at people who don’t work in marketing and don’t really know where to start. It has a selection of stats and information based around; how colours can impact a brand and campaign, social media stats and stats about promotional products.

The graphic is broken down into easy to digest sections. The design is of a good quality with a good use of stylish illustrations. The use of a strong orange helps pull out key information and is pleasing to the eye whilst the background is a muted blue/grey. The graphic has a strong banner to introduce the infographic, good use of flags and banners through the section titles of the graphics and good typography. Stats are pulled out and highlighted well.

My only comment for improvement would be on the content. I feel the infographic lacks a little direction and lacks flow of a story. The stats are very useful – I would like to see tips on how to use those stats to my advantage as a marketing beginner.

Overall I have to say this is a very good example of an infographic in terms of design, just needs a little work on the ‘why’ of the content to push it up to be an outstanding infographic.

I give Beginner’s Guide To Memorable Marketing infographic a 7 out of 10.

Beginners Guide to Memorable Marketing

7 years ago