Best Time to Book Cheap Flights 2016

I recall hearing a rumour that airline tickets are cheapest six weeks before departure on a Tuesday. Urban myth? Maybe, but the rash of comparison sites no makes booking tickets for anything online a minefield. Who doesn’t hate buying a ticket and then finding out you could have paid less. Please let us have flat rates for everything – life is complicated enough!

How was life before the internet? You would visit a shop – yes, an actual high street shop. Sit down at a desk looking at the back of an old CRT monitor while the assistant tapped in all your details and this took forever – and then gave you a final price. No searching for deals, comparing days and times. You got what you got. Funny that you don’t see high street travel agents and their snazzy uniforms anymore!

Airline travel is so integrated into our lives these days we jump on a plane like a bus so hunting for deals is a favourite past time. Knowing when to get the best deals would be a huge help.

Well, funny you should say that – Skyscanner have dropped an infographic about the Best Times to Book Cheap Flights in 2016, for Aussies. It may be the Austrailian version but I am still interested in what this piece of content has to offer.

Apparently, research tells us that the cheapest month to travel is, November and the most expensive is… drumroll…. December – no surprises there. But knowing it is 20% more expensive to travel in December is eye opening. The recommendation is to book your flights 17 weeks before departure with a saving of 5%.

The most useful feature on this infographic is the matrix that shows the number of weeks in advance to buy international flights; the variations are surprising.

The graphic is well designed with a bold banner that tells us directly what to expect. Each section is clearly defined. Statistics are well highlighted with bold graphs and clean icons. The colour usage is limited to soothing blues with accents of yellow and red. As I prefer limited palettes this works for me.

A well-crafted piece of content for a relevant audience. Overall I would say a 7.5 out of 10.

the Best Times to Book Cheap Flights in 2016

4 years ago