Bridging the Software Skills Gap

Just like buses, two coding infographics come along at once!

As I said in the last post, my biggest regret is that I didn’t learn to code. And, it’s not just me. We have a huge shortage of coding ability through lack of foresight and investment into skills from a school age. Yes, we are now addressing the issue and kids are learning to code like we learned to read and write on paper but we won’t see the benefit of that for many years.

In the meantime, we have a strangled shortage of coders to meet demand. Oh to be a highly skilled coder and demand lots of money!

Bridging the Software Skills gap infographic by The Software Guild highlights the industry shortage with shocking stats such as: there are 3 million more STEM jobs available than STEM workers. If you’re in STEM right now, you can write your own check!

Design overall – 8.5
The design on this graphic is very strong. Clear banner at the top with styling to reflect the subject. Sections are clearly delineated and content is visually clearly delivered.

Typography – 7.5
Strong typography clearly displayed and easy to read. Stats are well highlighted and headlines show hierarchy.

Illustration – 7.5
Crisp and clean illustration that represents the subject with a muted colour palette that supports and doesn’t overwhelm.

Content – 7.5
A wide curation of information and stats related to the software skills gap. A highly relevant and informative piece.

Overall score – 7.75

Bridging the Software Skills Gap

6 years ago