Before Buying New Specs

There have been a lot of stories counseling Americans not to buy eyeglasses from their local eye doctor. This is not only bad from a personal health perspective but also from a personal finance perspective. An independent study shows that buying glasses at an independent eye doctor is still less expensive than at many corporate retail chains…by a lot! When you add vision coverage, like VSP Vision Care to the mix (which nearly 20% of Americans have), that price is even lower. Beyond price, glasses need to do more than just look good. Glasses are unique in that they are the only fashionable medical device (so far!). Your glasses must be customized to you in every way to maximize their role to help you see clearly. Although you may be able to find great values online, your eye doctor should, and must, play a critical role in helping you select the best frame and lenses that are right for your individual needs. A few things your eye doctor and their staff will ensure are up-to- date prescriptions, lens options, and precise measurements so the glasses fit your face. VSP’s Infographic explains exactly what you need to know before buying specs.

before buying new specs

6 years ago