Casino Popularity Around The World

I always used to have a desire to be a croupier in a casino. My belief was that it would be a highly glamorous job with plenty of big tips. I never pursued the goal and have never even entered a casino. I like to maintain the belief that the interior world is much like the images you see of Sixties London high-society casinos – black dress, black tie, champagne and beautiful people. I’m not convinced that is the reality but it works for me.

I’m not a gambler myself and have never understood the appeal of slot machines so am I the right person to judge an infographic based on the casino? It’s just not a world I can relate to at all. But, I do know that casinos are incredibly popular and appear to be everywhere you look.

Casino Popularity Around The World infographic from Greek Town Casino is a collection of interesting facts. I am staggered by the worldwide market revenue of over $182 billion. This is serious business.

Design overall – 5
This graphic falls into the category of functional no frills design. The information is delivered very clearly without distraction.

Typography – 5
The content is delivered in an easy to read format without any overly decorative fonts.

Illustration – 5
The infographic only has a few simple icons and no level of illustration for comment.

Content – 7
The strength of this infographic is not found in the visual appeal but in the collection of interesting facts such as the previously mentioned global revenue statistic. The breakdown of revenue by country and the leading casinos worldwide measured by revenue. Global casino revenue has grown 35.6% from 2010-16. These are big figures that represent a huge surge in casino popularity.

Overall score – 5.5
A no-frill graphic with a collection of big number statistics.

Casino Popularity Around The World infographic

3 years ago