The Psychology of Handwriting

They say that handwriting can speak volumes about who we are and what we are like. It makes me wonder why so many people now use keyboards and never hand write anything what that says about society! We are losing our uniqueness and all becoming a typographic blur of each other. Apart from those that use comic sans.

I have always found graphology interesting, I mean I love typography, I love writing, so I am fascinated by what can supposedly be revealed in your handwriting.

Apparently if you cross your ‘T’ at the top you are ambitious and have high self esteem. If you dot your ‘I’ with a circle you are childlike, playful, artistic and like to stand out. If you have heavy punctuation dots you are emotional, slightly obsessive personality!!!!! So, we all change our handwriting to disguise our true nature!

The Psychology of Handwriting infographic by The Pen Warehouse covers the basic elements of graphology. It has a clear, well-designed banner. The colour palette is a pleasing blue and purple. Stats and data are highlighted well. I love the large pen in the middle of the graphic and this creates a pleasing focus and divide to the page. A well designed infographic with interesting subject and information.

Overall The Psychology of Handwriting infographic gets an 8 out of 10 – great job.

the pyschology of hand writing

7 years ago