DIY Statistics How Much Do We Do Ourselves

What is it about Easter that brings out the urge to redecorate or build a new designer garden shed from scratch? After the long dark winter begins to subside the promise of sunlight and fresh spring air has us all running for the smell of turpentine in the carpet and the sound of drills hitting water pipes.

I love doing things, making things, fixing things, figuring out how things work. I like to think I am pretty handy with a drill and a paint brush. But, I also know that I have very little spare time and what my limitations are. I don’t want to be in a situation with a job half finished causing me more stress at home when I’m trying to kick back after a draining day, so right now, I avoid DIY as much as possible.

I can spend hours in DIY superstores looking at random collections of nails, screws and power drills and love the thrill of achievement when I fit a dishwasher all by myself. But, then have to quickly hide my humiliation when the emergency plumber tells me I have left a cap on the end of the waste pipe and flooded said dishwasher.

DIY Statistics How Much Do We Do Ourselves infographic has some fascinating stats that I am genuinely interested in. The single fact that stands out for me in this infographic is the fact that over 55’s spend a staggering £4,000 a year on DIY. I guess they have a lot of time on their hands. But my favourite is that professionals have to fix 3.3m botched DIY jobs every year. I’m trying to suppress laughter and sniggering behind my hand.

The banner has a clear title so that it is obvious what the subject is; reaffirmed and illustrated with tools and a wood effect background.

Each section is clearly divided with banners and frames that help the eye to consume the information in sequence. Typography hierarchy is strong with stats clearly highlighted throughout.

Illustrations are of a strong quality and are well placed without being overwhelming thought the graphic.

The content is interesting and relevant to the audience. CBY Tools authored this piece of content so it firmly hits their demographic.

Overall DIY Statistics How Much Do We Do Ourselves infographic is a strong piece of design and content. I give this an 8 out of 10.
DIY Statistics How Much Do We Do Ourselves infographic

5 years ago