Family and Teen’s Cyber Security

I am very passionate about the internet. I believe it is the greatest invention of our time. Instant information at our fingertips. Communication with the rest of the world. And, don’t forget the shopping!

Can you remember what it was like in the ‘dark ages’ when you had to go to a library to find the answer to a question – and often had to wait for a book to be ordered?

Like all tools and mediums they become prone to exploitation of their weaknesses and sadly a small percentage begin to make the majority suffer. It’s not the tool to blame but the people who use it that cause the problem. The internet remains and will always remain an incredible tool of communication and information.

Sadly reports of cyber bullying become increasingly more common and cyber stalking. But, is it any different to what we have seen before? Bullies will always be bullies and nut-cases will always find a way to stalk a victim.

What is important is not to focus on the small percentage of negatives but to embrace the medium, educate yourself and learn how to stay safe online.

Family and Teen’s Cyber Security infographic from Family Orbit is a fantastic talking point to start a discussion about issues online and could be used to communicate with your children about what they need to be aware of.

The banner starts with a dazzling splash of colour and a bright and slick illustration of a family around a computer. Instantly you get the idea of what the intended topic is.

Next we have an introduction into what the dangers are such as: cyber bullying, cyber stalking, sexting, inappropriate content and social media addiction. Each well illustrated with an icon.

As you scroll down the graphic key information is delivered in clear colour coded sections. Each illustrated with icons and strong typographic hiearchy.

The content has plenty of statistics and is well informed. Overall this is a useful resource and a good source of information.

Family and Teen’s Cyber Security infographic gets an 8 out of 10.

Family and Teen's Cyber Security infographic

6 years ago