Five Reasons Why Financial Markets Love Donald Trump

I would confidently suggest that Donald Trump is the most controversial President that the US has seen to date. Even the Clinton-Lewinsky scandals and Nixon seem to pale in comparison to the ire, fury and passion that Trump has incurred around the world.

Love him or hate him, there is no middle ground with ‘The Donald’ and his self-loving hyperbolic personality. The 2017 presidential election was stuff of legends – you couldn’t have made it up (although House of Cards appears to be very on the mark) and what shred of dignity that the political system of America was clinging on to was ripped up and tossed out of the window in what descended into a sideshow and carnival of epic proportions.

Regardless, Donald Trump remains the 45th President of the United States of America and apparently, financial markets love him for it. I for one personally am more transfixed by Melania being the first lady – I get the distinct impression that her mindset is one of ‘I did not sign up for this’!

So, S&P 500, NASDAQ and DOW JONES have all hit all-time highs in the first few months of Trump as POTUS. Five Reasons Why Financial Markets Love Donald Trump Infographic from asks why?

Design overall – 6.5
The design uses caricatures of The Donald and clearly sections the graphic with the use of lines and coloured backgrounds. Each reason ‘why’ is numbered and represented with an illustration.

Typography – 6
The typography is functional and each header is clearly highlighted.

Illustration – 7
The illustration so Donald Trump and Putin add strength to the infographic and a fun element.

Content – 7.5
The infographic pulls together a good amount of targeted information based around how Trump as POTUS has impacted on financial markets. Although there is a disclaimer at the end about fake news, I think this is more tongue in cheek the piece does cite sources such as CNN, Reuters and NBC.

Overall score – 6.75
This is a focused piece of content with interesting stats taking an niche view of the Trump presidency. I like to see niche spins on big news topics.

Five Reasons Why Financial Markets Love Donald Trump Infographic

3 years ago