Flower Industry Statistics

One areas of flowers that I had a little insight into a few years ago was the crazy world of orchid collectors. I read an excellent book (non fiction) about the world of collectors and the extraordinary lengths these people go to for their obsession. And, when I say obsession – I mean off the scale the scariest stalker fan type obsession these people are willing to die to find a rare orchid.

The flower industry is an area that I know nothing about. I know that I love flowers and I also know that I find it a little odd when people oppose picking flowers. What is so wrong with decorating a home with a bit of beauty? So, flower industry statistics infographic has been a bit of a learning curve for me.

The one statistic that stands out from all the others is the fact that 79% of flowers are bought by women. Am I that naive that I thought more men would buy flowers? Cleary.

Even more surprising is that the majority of flowers are purchased for Christmas, not Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day. What’s going on around here?

And the US imports more flowers from Columbia than anywhere else – a huge 78%. And I thought Columbia only produced one commodity.

The infographic starts with a straight forward banner in the styling of a floral shop veranda and the colours are an obvious green and a warm peach. A good choice of limited colours and representative on the subject.

Stats are clearly and neatly presented. The use of icons makes the visual consumption of the data much more efficient and type hierachy through the page is used to good effect.

This is a pleasing and interesting infographic, with good design and a collection of information targeted to the Loyal Gardener readership. Overall I give this a 7 out of 10.

flower industry statistics infographic

4 years ago