Get Ready For Robolution

I watched a very interesting documentary a few years previously about a man who had devised a society where everyone would be free to pursue the work they wanted to as a money based economy would no longer exist. And, through an abundant supply of free energy, manual jobs would be no longer necessary. Sounds like utopia – being free to follow your passion projects full time.

As I’m not holding out for a society absent of capitalism and money anytime soon, I will keep writing.

In reality, robots have begun to take over many menial jobs; I find it hard to believe that one man used to sit on an assembly line screwing tops on toothpaste tubes all day long.

Get Ready For Robolution infographic from TradeMachines covers the topic of how robots will brighten our future by undertaking all the menial tasks of the world. Please, if anyone can send me a bathroom cleaning robot I will be most appreciative.

The infographic predicts that by 2099 70% of our jobs will be automated. This is an area to watch.

The graphic has a clean and pleasing design. The banner is well illustrated with a robot arm and an industrial style typeface.

The statistics are clearly highlighted and key information is well presented. The graphic uses diagonal lines to good effect to pull your eye downwards on the page and maintain a visual flow.

Each section break is marked by the usage of colour. The limited palette of only using one colour and black in a duotone keeps visual noise to a minimum so the eye can focus on the information being delivered. A good design.

Overall, Get Ready For Robolution infographic gets an 8.5 out of 10.

Get Ready For Robolution infographic

5 years ago