Have a Safe and Happy Halloween

Back in my day, Halloween used to be more about mischief than knocking on doors asking for sweets. As the end of October rolled around, the nights were dark, the air crisp with Autumn chill and the tinge of smoke in the air, we were all so excited at the prospect of organised mischief. Is was all trick and not much treat. We didn’t have any fancy dress, neither did we get escorted from door to door ‘asking’ for treats. Our nights involved lots of flour, water, eggs, toilet rolls (they take a long time to get out of a tree), knocking on doors and running away (we were kids) and jumping in bushes and hedges. All sounds very harmless but for a young kids in an isolated village it was the height of rebellion.

If we ever went to an organised party it would involve a bin bag taped around the midriff or a white sheet with eyes cut out for holes – the choice was a witch or a ghost. Bobbing for apples in a big bowl was the highlight of the evening and green Silly String was as crazy as it got. We never saw anything as exotic as a pumpkin but had a sad looking turnip instead.

Halloween has since become a huge event of fancy dress and visiting the neighbourhood with a big bag for candy and free stuff. Now, call me churlish – but I don’t really understand what the tradition of collecting sweets has to do with the night of All Hallows’ Eve at all. Never the less it’s a big date on the calendar and an excuse for kids to eat as many sweets as they can.

Have a Safe and Happy Halloween infographic is a seasonal piece of content based on the tradition of Halloween, especially targeted at the safety of children.

The banner starts with a fun and quirky illustration based on the theme so there is no doubting what the graphic represents. The colours used are lots of black, red and orange all evocative of a dark October evening.

The content runs through the origins and traditions of halloween up to how we celebrate the holiday today. Statistics include: where do you find costume inspiration, ages of ‘trick or treaters’ and what are popular activities for the evening. A few safety tips finish off the piece.

Illustration is strong with the use of ‘cute’ icons and characters. Layout is clear and divided and snippets of information clearly marked out.

Overall a fun seasonal piece from USSelfStorage.com with strong illustration and relevant information. 7.5 out of 10.

Have a Safe and Happy Halloween

6 years ago