History of Social Work Timeline

This is the first time I have seen an infographic that covers this subject, and I’ve seen a few! And, I must say that is is fascinating. I love sociology and to see a development of how social work as evolved is far more interesting than the majority of subjects I encounter.

Social work isn’t my first choice for a career, but for many, this is a rewarding and fulfilling role that helps those most at need in society. What is staggering is that social work only came about in 1819. We complain about life being difficult today, but in comparison to what others had to suffer before we had welfare systems to help the most vulnerable, it was a much more bleak picture.

History of Social Work Timeline infographic covers the evolution of social work from its founding in 1819 in Glasgow and key moments to 1969 when mebership to the NASW is opened to social workers.

Design overall – 8
I especially like the use of the dotted line that links the design and draws your eye down the page through each section. The banner is strong and each section is clearly defined.

Typography – 7.5
Each year is clearly highlighted in teh type heirachy and all text is clear and easy to read.

Illustration – 7.5
Each section is illustrated with a graphic icon representative of the subject. The style is crisp and clean with a high standard of execution.

Content – 8.5
Well researched and an interesting slice of history along teh evolution of social care. Of high relevance to the audience and of general interest.

Overall score – 8

Created by Aurora University Online.

History of Social Work Timeline infographic

3 years ago