How to Vinyl Wrap

Pimp My Ride has probably done more for the car detailing and customisation industry than any billboard advertising could ever do. I say probably because I don’t know this for sure but I do know I love the TV Show alongside thousands, maybe millions of others.

Who wouldn’t want to install a bar in the back seat, customised fur driving seats, surround sound better than any cinema or nightclub and the ultimate under-chassis light show. I mean, c’mon. We love out cars and we love them pimped!

I grew up around cars. Tinkering. My family were not into sports, at all, but loved cars and fast bikes. I must have engine oil in my blood as I still get a frisson of excitement every time I lift a hood and always make sure that my mechanic takes me under the car when it’s on the ramps and shows me what he has been doing. I am a petrol head and I have to confess I do judge a person on the car they drive. Sorry. But it’s true.

Vinyl wrapping a car, however, is one thing I don’t know about. And after my experiences with sticky back plastic and notebooks, I’m hesitant to ever go near the stuff!

How To Vinyl Wrap, Steps From the Professionals Infographic walks you through how to vinyl wrap a car with tips and tricks from the pros.

Design overall – 7
The design is very much targeted to it’s niche audience with bright vibrant colour and a black background. The banner features a bold graphic of a car and each section is clearly divided with strong icons used throughout.

Typography – 7
Type is clearly presented with distinct hierachy between titles.

Illustration – 8
Bold and graphic to represent the target audience. Icons are well illustrated for each stage of the process visually conveying the information.

Content – 8
A detailed step-by-step process of how to vinyl wrap a car. Clearly targeted at the site readership and offering genuine value with the information and advice.

Overall score – 7.5
A strong infographic from Apex Customs of value to their audience.

How To Vinyl Wrap, Steps From the Professionals Infographic

3 years ago