Innovation in Business 2017

What does innovation mean to you? For me, it can range from life-changing disrupters such as, the pencil, the biro, and the printing press; to technology tools so seamlessly integrated into our lives that we can hardly imagine a time before they existed: iPod, mobile phone, laptop. Innovation is not just improving and iterating version 1.0 to 2.0. Innovation is a game-changing break from what we have known before, it is thinking differently and seeing differently. Innovation is seeing something that no one else has seen yet and bringing that into reality. Innovation is essential for life and evolution.

Who do you think of when you think ‘innovation’? Apple, Tesla? Do you think of your business and workplace? Innovation is essential for company growth, from processes to products – if you’re not evolving and growing you are stagnating and dying.

Innovation in Business 2017 infographic is a collection of stats and does what it says on the tin. 93% of business executives believe that ‘organic growth through innovation will drive the greater proportion of their revenue growth’. Amazingly, 8% of fashion retailers thought that innovation was a buzzword!

Design overall – 6
This is a no-frill graphic with an emphasis on the graph data. It says efficiency and here are the facts. The use of a limited three colour palette – black, blue and yellow – offers a boldness to the design and confidence in its stripped back appearance.

Typography – 6
Strong, clear and readable. Continuing the no-frill theme.

Illustration – 5
No illustrative elements to comment on but icon use is strong.

Content – 8
The data included is of interest and a niche side of business that has genuine appeal to those in business. A selection of graphs curated from a variety of sources around the main theme offers a coffee sized bite to stimulate consideration and reflection.

Overall score – 6.25
A bold infographic from that confidently relies on the strength of its data.Innovation in Business 2017 infographic

3 years ago