Is My Rolex Real, How To Spot a Fake

Visually communicating information is my thing, it’s what I am passionate about. Hence, why I love infographics and why I love the internet so much. It’s an information communicating tool on steroids.

The visual presentation of information has huge influence on how the reader will engage with the piece. Don’t get me wrong, you do need to have the quality, it’s a symbiotic thing. If great text is badly presented it won’t get read. If you have weak text presented in a fancy way, it will get read but the reader will be dissatisfied for the experience.

I love the use of interactivity to deliver information that keeps a reader engaged and offers a better then average experience. If that content is in-depth, well researched and of interest all the better.

Is My Rolex Real, How To Spot a Fake infographic from the Watch Gallery is an interesting piece of content that at first glance is not a traditional ‘infographic’ but reveals itself to be interactive. It sits as part of a bigger Rolex Buying Guide piece and I do like the scrolling history of Rolex page also.

Upon closer inspection the illustration contains interactive information points that can be clicked on to reveal all the elements that comprise of how to tell if you watch is fake or not.

The page is elegant and mesmerising at the same time. A beautiful linear graphic illustration with subtle animation.

The limited use of colour adds to the essence of luxury that exudes from the page. Minimalist typography, technical illustration and a sophisticated blue colour all say that this is a brand of reverence.

I love the animation detail in this piece. To me it really makes the whole illustration come alive.

Overall I give Is My Rolex Real, How To Spot a Fake infographic an 8.5 out of 10.

See the full interactive page here.

Is My Rolex Real, How To Spot a Fake infographic

3 years ago