Magento 2 SEO in a Snap

Within SEO realms Magento has a love/hate reaction. I know a lot of coders who love Magento and I equally know many SEOs who hate the spaghetti mess that Magento can create: duplicate pages and canonical nightmares. Personally I think Magento is an amazing platform and did a lot to change ecommerce when it was released. Having worked with the beta version and the early years it was a new and exciting platform with great capability. I have to say that I haven’t worked with it for several years now but what I do know is that Magento out-of-the-box is a bloated mess and to get the best out of it you do need an exceptional PHP coder to tease a sleek and efficient running machine out of it.

I do recall that Magento was more SEO inclined than any other ecommerce platforms at the time but the draw back was trying to negotiate the Magento native settings was not the easiest or quickest of procedures. Tedious, frustrating and hair pulling are what I remember.

So now we move to Magento 2 and the Magento 2 SEO in a Snap infographic from Amasty Magento extensions. This piece of content is an outline and checklist of the SEO settings in Magento 2. I’m always in favour of checklists, they are a great way to deliver complex information and generally highly specific and relevant to a niche demographic, another of my preferred approaches to web content.

The design is very matter of fact and efficient. The use of colour breaks up each panel making it easier for the eye to move down the page and take in individual segments of information. The snippets of information are grouped and sectioned which makes for an easier reading experience. I like functional, I like informative and I love niche information clearly presented.

Magento 2 SEO in a Snap infographic
is a useful checklist for anyone working with Magento and I would offer a 7.5 out of 10.

Magento 2 SEO in a Snap infographic

5 years ago