Monetize Your Mobile Traffic

1. over 90% of affiliates/websites do not operate mobile friendly websites, displaying the same content which may not apply to mobile users.
2. Organic affiliates are now seeing over 30% of their traffic generated through mobile devices.
3. Developing and Designing a proper mobile site is costly. To do a proper mobile site, meaning supporting the majority of screen sizes and resolutions.
4. 50% of the clicks on mobile banners are accidental (try to swipe, click a banner instead..).

Winner Affiliates have developed a simple-to-integrate tools affiliates can add to their websites in under 30 seconds, this will then detect mobile users (iOS/Android) and display a relevant text inviting them to join and deposit with Mobile. This simple tools allows you to immediately start monetizing your mobile traffic effectively.

Features of the mobile script:
1. Applies only to your mobile users (iOS/Android)
2. Easy to integrate – 30 seconds work
3. Fully trackable to your affiliate account.
Monetize Your Mobile Traffic

11 years ago