Motivating Your Kids to Stay Organized

I am beginning to suspect that everyone reaches a certain age and looks back with nostalgia tinged with resentment to their childhood and says the immortal lines: ‘when I was young there was no [insert luxury item] and we had to [insert bleak and hard chore].‘ As my parents constantly drilled into myself how hard their life was, how their parents didn’t do anything for them, how they never had anything, and so on, etc. I mean c’mon, they didn’t live in a workhouse or anything. And they paid their love and generosity forwards to myself by making me work hard with tough love. Nice. Okay, I didn’t have to go up a chimney or down a coal mine, but I had to complete chores and pull my weight from an early age. But kids today, huh…

I have to admit not having experience with children that I have no idea how difficult the task is but it really doesn’t look easy and quite frankly I have no idea how people do it combined with a full time job. Mentoring and coaching trainee adults has to be the ultimate test of patience and sanity?

Motivating Your Kids to Stay Organized infographic from The Shelving Store offers a collection of tips on how to encourage your children to complete chores more efficiently. Although, it does overlook my favourite technique that I have seen circulate on social media – leave a note asking that a photograph of the room with complete chores and a copy of todays paper is texted to Mum and she will then send the Wi-fi code of the day. Genius.

The graphic is minimal and crisp using a duo tone colour palette and sharp icons. Overall the information is delivered functionally and clearly. A 6.5 out of 10.

Motivating Your Kids to Stay Organized infographic

4 years ago