Motorcycle Safety and the Evolution of the Helmet

Can you remember life before seatbelts were compulsory? Those days of riding on your Dad’s lap, steering the wheel as he drove, jumping between seats or standing with your head out of the sunroof?

Or smoking in restaurants? Can you believe that only a few years ago you had to endure noxious smoke from the adjacent table whilst you attempted to enjoy your meal. Only to return home with clothes that smelt like an ashtray.

In this day and age, it’s near impossible to imagine a world where motorcyclists used to ride without a helmet. A wider question could be asked of, should we tell other people what to do? If someone wants to risk splattering their brains on the highway let them do it. The argument that counteracts this is that someone else has to sccop up those brains and the cost involved to clean up the highway of said mess. Do some people really need saving from themselves? On the verge of going a little too deep for an infographic review so lets get back on topic.

Last week I saw a video circulating on Facebook that shows a new ‘airbag’ style helmet for cyclists. The helmet is worn around the neck and upon the moment of impact or collision the airbag deploys and safely cushions the head in an inflatable hood. As a keen cyclist I love this idea and look forward to seeing commercial versions. Although one can’t help but wonder, what if your airbag was faulty. Probably similar thoughts go through the mind as you toss yourself out of an airplane with a little more than a rucksack strapped to your back and a whole lot of bravado. (Just me?)

There have been developments of airbag style clothing for motorcyclists over the last decade. I’m not sure on how mainstream they have become yet. Again, my overactive mind considers: what if it deployed when you were riding on the motorway!

So, today’s infographic offering, as you may have guessed, is all about Motorcycle Safety and the Evolution of the Helmet, from Del Rio & Carichoff.

The graphic starts with a strong banner that tells us what to expect and has a suitable retro style typography choice.

The graphic is divided into sections of years that contains relevant information to the development of helmets. In 1925 the first headgear to make an appearance was a flat-cap to avoid your hair being ruffled. Priorities, priorities.

We navigate through the years of helmet development and legal enforcements. Up to today, when their are still three states in the US that don’t enforce a compulsory helmet law. Really?

Returning to my earlier reflection of is it right to tell a person to use a helmet, or should it be their choice? A 29% reduction in death should be a no brainer (see what I did there!).

Overall this is a well designed graphic and delivers a solid history of information in a clear and defined manner.

Motorcycle Safety and the Evolution of the Helmet infographic scores an 8 out of 10.

Motorcycle Safety and the Evolution of the Helmet infographic

3 years ago