Do Movie Studios Matter?

What do you consider before heading out to the movies? Reviews you’ve seen on social media, maybe? But what about which studio produced the movie you want to see – do you know or care who that is?

iAcquire partnered with SurveyMonkey to learn what factors go into the decision of which movies people want to see. We found that while social media plays a big part, movie studios have not leveraged social effectively. In our full blog post on the iAcquire site, we dive into some of the ways that movie studios can better capture the attention of moviegoers and grow the loyalty and engagement of their audience.

While the traditional movie trailer, whether viewed at the movie theater or online, is still the number one way people find out about movies, people still aren’t quite interested in which studio is behind the trailer and movie. In actuality, only 0.2% of those surveyed said that a particular studio was a reason they would see a movie. While that’s quite low considering how many large studios produce mutiple blockbusters within the same genre and using the same actors and actresses that people may have enjoyed in the studio’s previous films, it seems the general public does not pay close enough attention to remember and recognize the studios behind their favorite flicks.

The simple solution for movie studios is to put more effort behind promoting the studio’s brand identity instead of expulsing an exorbitant effort promoting each movie individually and then merely mentioning the production studio as an afterthought.

Do movie studios matter

6 years ago