Parenting in the Digital Age

The internet and especially social media has changed the way we interact and communicate with each other. It has made the sharing of information must faster and easier with easy access to knowledge that our predecessors could only have dreamed of.

The digital age might have changed the way we interact but has it really changed fundamentally who we are and our natural human instinct? I can sit here and think, I am so relieved I am not a teenager growing up in the world today with the pressure of social media but – I think back to when I was a teenager and was it any different to today? I still remember the angst, peer pressure, bullying, embarrassment and all the other difficult emotions that are prevalent at this age. Social media might amplify this but it certainly doesn’t change what we have always experienced.

Is it not just parental anxiety that has been exaggerated by social media and they are the ones overwhelmed through not really understanding technology and communication channels? My belief is that through education we can empower children to make the right choices. Its no different from the shadow of drugs and alcohol we were all raised in – it’s no use saying don’t do it. You have to explain and educate as to why not. Children are smart enough to make their own decisions of what is right in most cases.

Just for the record, I don’t have children and cannot imagine what a difficult job that must be so my thoughts are only from speculation.

Parenting in the Digital Age infographic published by Family Orbit, the Family Locator App, covers the topic of how the digital age has impacted on their children’s lives. Particularly mobile usage and easy access to the internet.

The most surprising stat for me in this piece is that 69% of teens regularly receive messages online from people they don’t know. But kids are very savvy and need credit for how smart they can be.

The design starts with a well illustrated banner to clearly represent the subject. The quality of illustration is consistent through the design and helps to deliver the key information through visual appeal. Sections are well divided and information is delivered in bite sized chunks with key stats well highlighted.

For me, the benefit of this piece is the quality of the information delivered. It is relevant to the authors audience and also offers an in-depth level of content around this subject. The stats presented are of real genuine interest and the piece offers good clear advice in response.

The quality of design in combination with the information presented makes this a very good piece of content. Overall I would offer an 8.5 out of 10.

Parenting in the Digital Age infographic

3 years ago