Pass Your UK Theory Test

I can remember my driving test so clearly that I know what I was wearing, where I drove, what the Test Instructor was called and the date. And I’m not talking the last few years, this was long enough ago that I didn’t have to take the Theory Test that was introduced in 1996.

I can be smug in the fact that I passed my driving test first time. And have absolutely loved driving ever since. My love of getting behind the wheel, setting off on a long motorway in an early evening summer sunshine with music on is almost a spiritual experience. meditative.

So all the Theory Test is news to me. And I have to confess I had no idea that the test contains so many questions, 50 at the last count. And according to statistics in 2015 only 49.77% of people passed the test – that is half of everyone sitting the UK Theory test failing!

Pass Your UK Theory Test infographic from is a highly visual piece of content that promises it can help you get through the 71 minutes and ace your test! High claims.

My favourite kind of illustration is a clean linear graphic with limited colour use. This graphic illustrates clearly each ‘tip’ and uses strong blocks of colour to highlight each of the 15 ‘little things’.

The infographic leads on to offer relevant statistics about driving tests and then a timeline from 1996 when the test was introduced.

This is a snappy piece of content very well presented. Overall I would give
Pass Your UK Theory Test infographic an 8.5 out of 10. Nice piece.

Pass Your UK Theory Test infographic

3 years ago