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Can you believe that the first iPhone was only launched in 2007. Can you imagine life without an iPhone? Smart phones are now such a ubiquitous part of life and have changed our social lives forever. Constantly being online and connected is taken for granted as normal, whereas not so long ago you had one landline phone (remember those) in the house and that was it. We didn’t even have an answer machine and you had to make a lot of arrangements in advance. But, the flip side was that you didn’t have the constant pressure and fear of missing out. I am also very very relieved camera phones didn’t exist when I grew up!

Phone accessories is now a huge business and so it the sale of second hand phones. With the price of a new iPhone now around £600 it’s almost feels like buying a second hand car used to feel.

phone price checker

Gumtree in South Africa have produced plenty of great guides and content for their site and their latest offering is a used Phone Price Checker. What I like about the Gumtree content is that it seamlessly integrates with their product pages and drives users through to the money pages whilst being a useful and engaging tool – that is what good content is all about.

the Phone Price Checker is a slight deviation on our usual visual infographic as it is an interactive infographic and it has some great features. If you select the phone you are looking to sell you can see the average selling price for each model. The best feature is the slide bar which offers the price ranges for a slow or fast sale.

The page is well formatted and sectioned with each phone model being clearly defined. the key information – the price – is clearly highlighted and the typography hierachy is distinct.

Although this infographic is for South Africa (a niche currency) I like the concept, the integration to the product pages and the interactivity.

Overall, the Phone Price Checker from Gumtree gets an 8 out of 10.

You can see the full version here…

phone price checker

6 years ago