Powerlinks OnMedia Infographic

OnMedia’s top 100 private companies represents the top companies in the entrepreneurial community. Companies are selected on the following criteria: innovation, market potential, commercialisation, stakeholder value and media buzz. The OnMedia 100 Top Private companies infographic represents information about all the nominated companies.

Design overall – 7.5
The design is a strong, crisp and clear graphic with distinctive icons, section breaks and a pleasing duotone colour palette.

Typography – 7
Type hierarchy is clear with distinctive headings, subheads and all text is legible.

Illustration – 7
Crisp icons and graphic illustration highlights the key points of information.

Content – 6
The content is niche and focused towards a specific business audience.

Overall score – 6.9
A niche focused infographic with a crisp design.

OnMedia 100 Top Private companies infographic

3 years ago