Save 30 Trees a Year Using PDFs at Work

How did we survive before PDFs? Answer, by producing and storing an immense amount of paper and paperwork. Unbelievably, the PDF is 25 years old and has contributed significantly to the preservation of resources of the planet. According to Google, there are two billion PDF documents – imagine two billion less pieces of paper.

I’m a huge advocate of books and love the smell of old paper, I love to see the collections on my bookshelves and to revisits again and again these beautiful portals of knowledge and stimulation. However, the unnecessary printing of documents, emails (why?) and bureaucratic bumpf is a bug bear of mine. The inefficient use of paper in a business not only causes expenses of storage but also a huge amount of trees and environmental resource.

I am very pro digital storage of files for business, it’s a no brainer for me and I hate to see wastage of any kind so for me, PDFs are little bundles of genius and being able to edit PDFs on my Mac has been a revelation.

Save 30 Trees a Year Using PDFs at Work infographic, from PDF Expert, PDF editor for Mac, iPhone and iPad’. leads us through the facts and stats about PDFs and paper inefficiency in the work place.

Design overall – 6.5
The bold design is uncluttered and delivers the information with visual efficiency. I would have preferred a stronger definition of title header for the graphic to lead into the piece but the icons are well rendered and there is a clear flow of the delivery of the information.

Typography – 7.5
All the text is clear and easy to read and hierachy is clear through the titles and sub titles.

Illustration – 7
Well designed icons that highlight the information. As above, I would prefer a little more illustration in the header.

Content – 8
The information is presented with flow to lead us through the story of the facts of PDFs in a well thought out manner with a few other facts of interest about paper thrown in. This is an information rich piece of snippets and stats.

Overall score – 7.25

Save 30 Trees a Year Using PDFs at Work infographic

3 years ago