Taking the Reins of Your Business Career

Career information in my day consisted of a thirty-minute chat with an external consultant to the school who had no idea who I was or what my aptitude was. I think that they suggested that I become a mechanic.

Things may have improved in the last thirty years but I feel there is a disconnect between real-world careers and the education system.

In fact, my belief is that the education system does everything that it can to squash and remove your creativity and individuality – surely the most prized characteristics as you move up through your career.

It would be great to see business skills taught in school or at least given guidance to pupils so that they can cultivate their entrepreneurial spirit instead of having it crushed.

How would you know that you want to do an MBA when you are struggling with the complexity of trigonometry (still never used this in my life) and the life of Odysseus (ok, this did bring me much pleasure).

Taking the Reins of Your Career is an infographic from Campbellsville University that highlights different paths you can choose for your career.

International business will make you highly employable. Accountancy is always going to be a sure-fire. But, Information Technology comes out top with the highest earning potential.

Design overall – 7.5
The design of this graphic is quite quirky and stands out. The combination of hand-drawn illustration and graphic vector-based illustration offers a clash of styles that catches the eye.

Typography – 6.5
All the information is clear and easy to read.

Illustration – 7.5
This is a bold graphic through its quirky illustrative style.

Content – 6
Directed to those considering an MBA and to what route they should take – it’s targeted to its audience and answers questions.

Overall score – 7.25
An eye-catching and quirky design that stands out.

Taking the Reins of Your Career

5 years ago