Talking About Driving Retirement

It’s not easy watching your parents age. People that were once your heroes and as tall as giants shrink in height and become shrivelled and old as they turn into prunes.

I hate watching my dad grow old. It reminds me that one day I will be old too.

My dad was always a speedy driver, a good driver (unlike my Mum). I always felt very safe with him in the car and always knew that he could handle his limits.

He is now 89 and still driving, I have to confess I do wonder when I will need to say to him – I think it’s time to stop now.

But, this is a man who seems to be built out of tough stuff and is still razor sharp mentally. He has his moments but who doesn’t.

I have to confess I do get angry when I am behind an old person driving and on a regular basis I have major concerns that a person should not be on a road in control of a vehicle. I believe there should be far tighter controls over people being allowed to operated such machinery.

Apparently as people age their visual judgement of speed diminishes and the majority of accidents that occur with elderly people are when they pull out of junctions in front of another vehicle.

This infographic from Phoenix Law Team tackles the subject of Talking about retirement and broaching the subject wth loved ones about when they should stop driving.

Design overall – 6.5
This infographic uses photography in a style that represents the subject and is broken down into clear sections.

Typography – 6.5
Each section has a clear subheading with hierachy.

Illustration – 6.5
The graphic has a few icons that are representative to the text and the photographs illustrate the subject.

Content – 7.5
There is a great deal of content to consume and this is more of a mini PDF rather than infographic. Strong advice and a clear guide to help people wanting to tackle this subject. Relevant.

Overall score – 6.75

A relevant infographic with a lot of informative content.

Talking About Driving Retirement

4 years ago