The Anatomy of a Terrible Web Host

Finding the right web hosting is a topic of conversation you could throw into a circle of web geeks, stand back and observe for hours. Finding a good web hosting service that doesn’t cost the earth (Rackspace) is the eternal search for the holy grail of faster downloads speeds and secure servers. My bug bear with hosting is that your service is trundling along quite happily and then suddenly: a. falls over for not reason, b. starts the intermittent speeds dance or c. slows down to a crawl. You sign up to a small fledgling company who have great customer service based locally and are focused on providing an outstanding service. And then they get bigger. And they expand. And they outsource all their customer service to a call centre somewhere where your language is not their native language and you sit on call waiting for ever. Time to find another supplier

Of course the major hassle of finding a new supplier is having to move all your websites server to server. Not so bad if you only have one site for your own personal name and one for your dog. But when you have far too many clients, and do they still even pay me for hosting, why are they still on here? situations it’s not a fun weekend looming.

The Anatomy of a Terrible Web Host infographic tells it how it is and outlines what us geeks are on the lookout for when shopping for new servers. Top of the list is customer service, yes, you do want to make that call at 2am when all your client sites go down and you are having a melt down of responsibility. Perfect uptime, the last thing you want is a notification that a site is down when you just launched a major marketing campaign that went live and cost thousands and thousand. Eeeep.

And the favourite of all cheap hosting: overpacked servers. Sheesh, pack ’em in and stack ’em high. Sad face.

So, the infographic is right on topic targeted at users looking for advice on finding a new web host. An Infographic Love favourite – niche information for your audience well packaged and presented.

The design is clear, well sectioned and presents the information punctuated with illustrated icons. Ticks all the boxes.

Overall, The Anatomy of a Terrible Web Host infographic, from UK Web Host Review, gets a 7 out of 10.

The anatomy of a terrible web host

5 years ago