The Complete Guide to Facebook Ad Targeting

Facebook has a huge platform for advertising. You can’t really argue with that. From 2015-16 there has been a 50% growth of advertisers with four million advertisers now on the social media channel. This explosion in growth of brands turning to Facebook is a natural progression for a channel that is predicted to be used by a third of the world’s population by 2020. That is a huge audience to tap into.

Naturally, for those experimenting with Facebook advertising it can be confusing to understand the subtleties and how to get the best out of your ads. One of the most powerful features of FB ads is the ability to laser target an audience and demographic. So that, in theory, your ad impressions should only appear to a relevant audience that will have interest in your message.

Cheat sheets and guides are always a favourite of Infographic Love and to see a summary of demographics for Facebook advertising is another example of how delivering a vast amount of information clearly is what infographics are designed for.

Advertisemint has compiled The Complete Guide to Facebook Ad Targeting infographic after developing the guide for their internal use.

The graphic is designed in a style of Facebook, and for a page, with a great deal of information, it delivers in a visual manner that is not overwhelming. Crisp, clear, concise.

Type hierarchy on each section is clear at a glance and the use of limited blue and black colours works to avoid the eye being bombarded by too much colour.

At first glance a basic graphic but upon inspection, the simplicity is the elegance. Overall The Complete Guide to Facebook Ad Targeting infographic gets a 7.5 out of 10.

The Complete Guide to Facebook Ad Targeting infographic

7 years ago