The Importance of Responsive Design

If you cast your mind back to only ten years ago, can you remember what life was like before iPhone and smartphones? Did you ever envisage that your phone would become your primary channel for content consumption and web browsing? Hey, I remember when texting was new and revolutionised how we flirted and hooked up with each other.

Those early days of trying to view websites on a mobile, scrolling and zooming were tedious beyond belief. And, don’t even mention the download speeds.

Brands quick to act jumped on the idea of having a unique mobile site but that caused all sorts of SEO issues and was never an ideal solution. Until responsive design came along and changed the game for us all. Happy days.

The practice of designing ‘mobile’ first means that a design is focused on the mobile experience and the desktop is secondary – as mobile has now superceeded desktop as the prominent channel. It’s unthinkable for a business website to not have a responsive site.

The Importance of Responsive Design Infographic from Top10 Website Hosting covers this topic with a breakdown of stats about mobile phone users and their web access.

Design overall – 7.5
This is a clean and crisp infographic with a string and distinct banner that clearly introduces the subject. It’s instantly obvious what the piece of content is about. A limited colour palette is muted and pleasing to the eye with an accent of orange to highlight key messages.

Typography – 7.5
All content is clear and easy to read with good font hierarchy.

Illustration – 7.5
The content is illustrated with clear graphs and crisp graphic illustrations.

Content – 7
The subject is relevant to the publisher’s audience and offers a variety of statistics and data about mobile usage and responsive design.

Overall score – 7.25
A good infographic well presented.

The Importance of Responsive Desig

4 years ago