The Landscape of Code

I have a confession, I find code like magic. You can enter text into a document and make pictures appear on your screen! I love it. My one regret is that I didn’t do computer science or learn to code. I can read/almost write HTML, CSS (who can’t) and mild levels of PHP but that is my limitation. I want to be able to code so much.

I am in awe of hardcore code geeks who can make things happen and knock up a script in PHP without even thinking about it. And, don’t get me started on Excel Vlookups.

As someone who grew up before mobile phones, it’s a miracle that I am as tech coherent as I am.

The Coding Landscape infographic is a curated compendium of coding delight all about the different popular languages and what they are about.

Design overall – 7.5
First impressions are a striking design with bold headlines that tell you what to expect.

Typography – 7.5
The typography is strong and clear with good hierarchy and legibility. No squinting at the fine print.

Illustration – 7.5
The illustration is bold and graphic and employed down the page as a background that leads the eye through the graphic. Well executed.

Content – 8
Good solid content as an overview of popular coding languages that tell you when it was created, who created it and why you should learn it. This is interesting and relevant.

Overall score – 7.6

A great infographic from The Software Guild. Geek out.

The Landscape of Code

4 years ago