The Periodic Table Of SEO Success Factors

The ‘Periodic Table Of SEO Ranking Factors‘ from Search Engine Land launched 2 years ago is an SEO infographic classic and a great piece of design and content. SEL have now updated this into The Periodic Table Of SEO Success Factors infographic
I like how the infographic has made a direct correlation between SEO and science – some people refer to SEO as an alchemy which is chemistry based. The period table is a design classic example of outstanding infographic design and has been used as a format in countless ways over the last few years from the Periodic table of Beer to the Periodic Table of swearing. I love simple elegant design which relies on strength of information and this infographic ticks all the boxes for me.

Below is a cropped version, to see the full version you can go here…

Periodic table of SEO success factors

8 years ago