The Twitter Power User Cheat Sheet

Twitter has always been my favourite social media channel. Historically it had a strong audience of dedicated followers with plenty of discussion and networking opportunities. News items break fast on twitter and I always found it the best resource to find the latest industry articles and keep up to date with my industry community.

Twitter has changed significantly over the last few years with the introduction of images, video and promoted tweets, which altered the visual of the tweet stream. These changes have been real opportunities for marketers and anyone with a brand wanting to reach out to their audience.

Twitter marketing done right is a fantastic tool to connect with your audience. Twitter is also a perfect tool for customer service and queries – a few big brands use it well and I think many more could leverage how responsive it can make a business to their customers’ needs.

All the quirks and nuances of Twitter are only learnt through use and feeling how an audience responds. I remember when I first started it was very confusing and I had no idea where to start.

This is where The Twitter Power User Cheat Sheet from comes in. An introduction to the subtleties of using the social channel it gives six valuable insights through data.

The banner is strong and clear – instantly telling us what the graphic is all about. Design is minimal but the strength in this infographic is within the data and stats contained. Informed insights – the most powerful information you should rely on.

For a person wanting to start leveraging Twitter this Cheat Sheet is a great start to learn. I’m impressed with the data and information contained. All clearly and simply delivered.

Overall I give The Twitter Power User Cheat Sheet an 8.5 out of 10.

The Twitter Power User Cheat Sheet

8 years ago