The Ultimate 2016 HTML Cheat Sheet

Where would be be without the cheat sheet? Infographics were made for cheat sheets. I love their practical use of conveying information in a concise and visually easy to consume manner. Collating information on a subject and having it to hand in one easy to read place is my idea of information heaven.

If only we had cheat sheets when I was taking my exams, many years ago!

Actually, when I think back, the very first cheat sheets I recall were the times table posters on the wall at school. Sadly, something somewhere failed as I never achieved learning my times table and still struggle with maths to this day.

Previous cheat sheet favourites of mine have been social media image sizes, anything concerned with grammar and SEO cheat sheets. The HTML cheatsheet sits within the bracket of these favourites and if I was learning to code all over again this would be printed out on my wall. Fortunately I always have W3C schools to hand.

The need to know HTML is now a pretty wide requirement with the everyday need for web content skills filtered into many job roles. Yes, we have WordPress WYSIWYG editors but knowing how to write tags without using these sometimes clumsy editors is a bonus skill.

So, The Ultimate 2016 HTML Cheat Sheet from Create a Blog Now, it’s a bold and design that in its minimal way is very pleasing to the eye. Honestly, I prefer the simple and infographic to over cluttered non relevant illustration.

I find the orange background striking and the blue splash of banner stands out effectively against this. I do love the very simple reference of around the title – it’s the basic things that give the best results.

Typography is well structure, essential for a graphic dependent on text, and clearly readable.

A useful and visually pleasing infographic. Overall I would offer an 8 out of 10.

The Ultimate 2016 HTML Cheat Sheet

5 years ago