Top 10 Food & Drink Specialties to Help You Survive Winter

In the depths of a cold and frosty winter, what is the one thing you need to warm the cockles of your heart and toes? Apart from a hot water bottle and very thick duvet?

When returning home from a cold, blustery and wet day, who wants to eat a salad? It’s time to indulge in comfort food and lots of it!

Around the world, temperatures range from an ultimate low of -15˚C in France, Italy and Japan; whilst Norway has lows of -35˚C and Canada has a breath taking -40˚C. In those temperatures, your body needs calories to keep warm and that means lots of delicious food. In Canada, the specialty is a deep-dish meat pie called Toutiere, Norway has Glogg mulled wine (and lots of it), Japan has Sukiyaki hot pot and, of course, Switzerland has the world famous Raclette of melted cheese.

Top 10 Food & Drink Specialties to Help You Survive Winter infographic from Club Med is a heart-warming collection of specialty foods from around the world. Highlighting what we love to eat to keep us warm in the coldest months of the year.

Design overall – 8.5
The banner is clear and distinct about the subject and tells us exactly what we are reading. Colour use of a predominant ‘cold’ cyan represents the winter nature. As we scroll down each section is clearly divided with the use of background colour blocks. Information is clearly presented and easy to consume in chunks. The world map is an ideal lead-in to the main body of content and offers a quick visual comparison of winter temperatures of the countries featured – nice touch.

Typography – 7.5
Type hierarchy is clear on the page and a scan across the page makes it easy to consume the key points – countries and titles of each food item. The change I would make is that the description for each food item would benefit from an increase in size.

Illustration – 8.5
A high level of illustration brings the piece of content alive with punctuations of icons that represent each food item. The crisp design benefits from plenty of space around each item attributing to focus on each illustration.

Content – 8
The content is focused on the topic without distraction of too many elements. It is to the point and delivers information with general interest, a bite-size slice to consume quickly. Relevant to the publisher and their audience.

Overall score – 8
Pleasing piece of content to give you an appetite for comfort food.

Top 10 Food & Drink Specialties to Help You Survive Winter

3 years ago