Top Tips for Healthier Credit

I’ve always been a saver and not one for running up credit card bills. In fact my credit history should be squeaky clean but as I once found out, if you move house often and forget to go on the electoral roll this will go against you, as happened to me when I was refused an application for an IKEA store card – of all places!

Previously, I’ve heard advice about preparing to apply for a mortgage that includes, ensuring you are on the electoral role for a year or two at your address and having some credit history, such as a credit card or active bank account can help (this is not qualified advice though). I do know that having lots of credit checks run on your name/address can raise a red flag with potential lenders.

Not being the most financially savvy individual, the Top Tips for Healthier Credit infographic from Viva Loans is a little light relief.

The best piece of advice, in my opinion, for a better credit score, is to pre check your credit report for any mistakes – this does happen more than people realise, especially from issues with previous owners at the address. If there is a problem, taking steps to fix this before you apply for that mortgage as this can mean the difference between your new home or rentsville.

Another great tip is to ensure that any loan applications you do submit are not running full credit checks until you are ready to push the button. If you are shopping around, then a flurry of credit checks will cause problems.

The overall graphic has a cheerful design style, with a strong radial layout. The dark background works well with the accents of colour in the small icon circles. All the information is clear and easy to read at first glance. It’s a short piece but a snappy one. 7 out of 10.

Top Tips for Healthier Credit infographic

4 years ago