What Dog Breed Matches Your MBTI Personality

The Myers Brigss personality test was developed by Isabel Briggs Myers and her Mother, Katharine Briggs. Personalities were filtered into 16 distinctive types based on how you answered a set of questions. Although Myers and Briggs claim the validity of their test there has been much criticism of the test with some consideration that its enduring success owes more to marketing than accuracy.

Is it really possible that a person can slot into one of 16 moulds? I would imagine that most would be on a sliding scale in-between personality types and that would increase the range of possibility enormously.

As much as the accuracy can be questionable there is no doubt that people do like to take a quiz to gain insight into who they are in much the same way that the success of horoscopes have persisted. It’s fun to find out who you are by simply answering questions.

By first taking the test to ascertain my type (INFJ/Advocate) I can then unlock which dog would be my perfect match with What Dog Breed Matches Your MBTI Personality infographic – a beagle.

This is a clever and quirky combination of interaction (take a test), personal insight (who are you?) and emotive pet appeal (which dog breed suits you).

The design is clean and crisp with photographic imagery that works well against the background. Each personality type and dog breed is clearly defined and well illustrated with the photographic imagery.

I have seen other content that refers to choosing a suitable dog breed but this is the first time I have seen the combination of a personality type test. I would imagine that a social media quiz on this topic could be very popular.

Overall tbe infographic from PetDoors.com gets a 6.5 out of 10.

What Dog Breed Matches Your MBTI Personality

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