What is Digital Marketing Infographic

A great little visual guide and introduction to digital marketing from Pixaal. Its cute – but very basic and I get the feeling they don’t fully understand SEO. Someone who refers to directory submission, social bookmarking, blog commenting and Q and A sites as ‘external SEO’ isn’t really in the know IMHO. And the chestnut at the end:
“site optimization – Is, really, not hard at all – as the site owner you will need to do these little things to ensure your site is discoverable!”
makes me laugh – i can see that advice going down a storm at an SEO conference – yeah cause it’s not hard at all you can do it in your lunch time.

These little things reference your basics such as setting up webmaster tools, title tags, H1 tags, robots.txt file – but doesn’t actually tell you how to do it – no mention of how many characters a title tag should be or what information it should contain. It might be a guide for a small business who doesn’t have a clue but what worries me here is the Pixaar clearly dont have a clue either – not about digital marketing anyway. They clearly know how to design and brand (that’s what they do) but my advice is research your content more in-depth next time – must try harder.

What is digital marketing infographic

8 years ago